The Green Machine (Video Game by ArtGR484)

Posted: May 3, 2013 in Uncategorized

Now here is my adventure from the last few months in ArtGR 484 which was helping Design and build a video game called the Green Machine. It takes place in a VR simulator. My assigned task for the game was to create the particle effects for the game which would range from various seeds for the plants and for the environment. We used Unity Engine to design our game which has its own learning curve but never the less very fun to work with. We started off in the class learning the basics going over the tutorials on Unity 3D Student Tutorials. Those interested in learning on how to design and create your own games should check it as the student version is free to download here. Do not underestimate the time it takes to learn.

Unity Logo

This is a GiF because it uses limited colors.

For those unfamiliar with game design or don’t know anything about it but are interested in learning you should look into taking ArtGR484 you do not need many skills before taking the class but only be ready to spend hours and hours working and fixing even the smallest of bugs to only fix one thing to have 10 more break.

Unity Screenshot

Screenshot of Unity work space and our game “Green Machine”
This is a JPEG because it is a photo


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