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Your first year after getting through the core and doing all the hands on work you had to do in 102 don’t think that those skills you learned will be for not as you will soon find out that they will come in handy as many of your first projects and even so the ones after that will need the skills you learned and honed in your first year. Depending on your teacher you may not even get to get on the computer till near the end of your first or even second project. This is because you learned your core skills in the core you still need to hone your skills in Photoshop illustrator and InDesign. So don’t feel like they are trying to hold you back as they are trying to drive home even skills like creating thumbnails and grids for your work.

Here is an example of one of the projects where you will have to create many different grids for the same thing. This is a JPEG

Here is an example of one of the projects where you will have to create many different grids for the same thing.
This is a JPEG


During the end of your first year you will have to turn in a portfolio of your work to be looked at by your teachers to see if you should be accepted into the major of your choice or not many will put this off till the last moment, I will tell you now that you should give yourself a few weeks at least to work on it for a couple hours a day rather then spending 3 or 4 days up all day with no sleep. Don’t rush yourself and put your best work into it and even if you don’t get in your first try don’t give up retake any classes if you have to and redo your portfolio for next year. It is a lot of hard work to get into your major but once you do get in don’t just slack off you need to still give 100% of your effort.

Cube Project

Here is my first Project after getting into Graphic Design the Cube Project. This is a JPEG

When you first start school for Graphic design and for many other fields of design too the first thing you have to understand is that you must learn the basics of design in general not just your field of study. So don’t go in thinking the first thing you will do is hop on the computer and start designing things. The first years in the collage of design at Iowa State all go through the core program which teaches you the basics of design such as drawing and layouts to building stuff. You must also be ready for the amount of time you will be spending not doing what you think you signed up to do. For your first year and even into the first half of your next year you will almost never touch a computer and do most of your work by hand.  But don’t be discouraged and keep striving along and you will make it.

Mystery Machine

Here is one of the first projects I did on the computer and was not till my second year and second semester. This is a JPEG

ArtGR 484 will meet tonight in the collage of design in room 434 here you can meet and play the games we have spent all semester creating everyone including teacher are welcome to come. It will be a great time where you can have fun and play games made by your fellow students and meet others who are interested in not only playing games but making them too! For more information about the class and everything you can find out website here.

Game Design and Development

This is a JPEG because it is a photo

Newsletter Cont.

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As I work more on the progress with my newsletter It is coming close to the final due date next week you can see my in progress work below

As you can see now how the “growth” can be seen in the columns but it still far from finished as many of the pages are starting to look to much alike so to counter this I hope to bring in more design elements to the background maybe adding some more color and vines that I created.


This is a JPEG because it is a photo

Newsletter Project

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This is the third and final project for ArtGR 371 in this project we were asked to design the layout for a newsletter with words borrowed from another source. For my project I borrowed my text from The Market Beet which is part of  the Farmers Market Coalition. It is a duo tone job and the two colors I choose was Pantone 288U and Black. For the layout and design I wanted to give the feel of growth like the fruits and veggies sold at the market so I used a three column grid and took photos of fruits and veggies to show the freshness of them. For my background design I created a vine through a tutorial I found online which can be seen here and mine I created is here below.

Vine Illastration

This is a pgn because it has a transparent background.

Now here is my adventure from the last few months in ArtGR 484 which was helping Design and build a video game called the Green Machine. It takes place in a VR simulator. My assigned task for the game was to create the particle effects for the game which would range from various seeds for the plants and for the environment. We used Unity Engine to design our game which has its own learning curve but never the less very fun to work with. We started off in the class learning the basics going over the tutorials on Unity 3D Student Tutorials. Those interested in learning on how to design and create your own games should check it as the student version is free to download here. Do not underestimate the time it takes to learn.

Unity Logo

This is a GiF because it uses limited colors.

For those unfamiliar with game design or don’t know anything about it but are interested in learning you should look into taking ArtGR484 you do not need many skills before taking the class but only be ready to spend hours and hours working and fixing even the smallest of bugs to only fix one thing to have 10 more break.

Unity Screenshot

Screenshot of Unity work space and our game “Green Machine”
This is a JPEG because it is a photo